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Starr Aircraft Model Plane Kits

Modeled after the world famous P-51 Stiletto, flown at the Reno National Championship Air Races, these planes and custom engines are real screamers! Built by Starr Air Craft here in Dayton, Minnesota.

The P-51 Stiletto

P-51 Stiletto

P-51 Stiletto Model Kit

The 20% is an exact twenty percent scale Stiletto is an Epoxy fuse and foam core wing. It is the first 20% Stiletto ever created. The airfoils on this plane were designed by Advanced Aero Technologies in St Paul.

The Stiletto has a stock GT80 on Alcohol in the nose swinging a 19×19 Stock APC prop. This rocket clocked in at 185 MPH on its maiden flight (No dives). Like all Mustangs, it’s among the best flyers on the planet. It will sting like like a Bee and float like a butterfly. It’s ready to fuel and with your RX and Tx your ready to go.

Do you want the fastest and coolest plane your club has ever seen? This is it. It can also be in kit form. The Stiletto has Robart, Truturn Futaba and Hitec Stuff installed.

Kit Price: $495 Includes Shipping

P-51 Giant

P-51 Giant Model Airplane Kit

P-51 Giant Model Airplane Kit

Also available is the P-51 Giant scale plane. This model is just like the twenty percent scale model, only the larger size allows for it to house Starr Aircraft’s exclusive Black Flame 280. With this amazing engine, you’ll see unbelievable speeds.

This model airplane kit is no toy. Keep the kids and family away as the P-51 Giant is a force to be recond with. For more information on the P-51 Giant, please contact us.

Kit Price: $595 Includes Shipping